Comprehensive Cabin Crew Training

On-the-Job (OJT) Training


This programme is developed in collaboration with participating airlines alongside top aviation training institutes as an in-depth induction course for participants who are serious about a cabin crew career. You will undergo a pre-selection interview and are required to meet the airlines’ basic academic, physical and aptitude requirements before being accepted into the programme.

The programme’s in-depth syllabus comprises the following training modules, which are designed to address all theoretical and practical aspects of flight safety and emergency procedures:

  • A320/A330/A340 Initial Training
  • Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP)
  • Cabin Crew Service Delivery Training
  • Cabin Crew Aviation English
  • Crew resource management (CRM)
  • Dangerous Goods Training (DG)
  • Disruptive Passenger Training
  • Aviation security
  • Human Factors
  • First aid (FA)

Benefits of the programme:

  • The programme is delivered by highly experienced and qualified instructors using state-of-the-art mock-ups, door trainers, fire and smoke trainers and other emergency survival equipment.
  • Programme syllabus emphasizes the development of well-rounded graduates who are proficient and prepared to handle cabin crew duties and onboard emergencies upon course completion.
  • You are trained to meet our partner airlines’ standards and best practices, and enjoy first priority to be offered permanent  employment by our partner airlines upon completion of your OJT.
  • Our partner’s certified cabin crew qualification is an internationally recognized passport to employment with leading international airlines.