Flight Attendant Programmes

This is an entry-level course pioneered and designed by IEAG to prepare you for a high-flying career in the local and international aviation industry. The objective of the course is to inculcate professional skills in you and to guide you towards your dream career in the skies. We also assist you in kick-starting your career by arranging job interviews and career placements for you. This is a comprehensive course pioneered and designed by former experts from Malaysian Airlines to prepare its students by equipping them with skills whilst increasing their confidence and understanding of any airline selection criterion to ensure a higher success rate for his/her interviews at any organizations for any positions, not only for airline interviews.

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Aspiring cabin crew must always remember, GETTING SELECTED by a particular airline is of utmost importance, and it is important that he/she has been groomed and assessed for selection by an experienced entity with proven track records.

Aside from providing training, the academy is also the hub for airline interviews and selections. Upon completion of the course, participants will be exposed to a multitude of career opportunities in the Middle East. This collaboration is a mark of advancement for IEAG in offering a cost effective and time efficient channel in which Middle Eastern and European airlines can recruit multi-national cabin crew.

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IETA is a registered Edexcel BTEC Centre & registered tourism school (Ministry of Tourism), offering tourism, hospitality and aviation-related courses. We are also registered with Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) as a Class A training provider. These programmes are claimable under PROLUS (e-learning) / PERLA / SBL /SBL-KHAS / Skim Perantisan in the HRDF/PSMB fund.

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IEAG is now forging strategic partnership with our new counterparts in Oman, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Northern Africa & Eastern Europe. We welcome new partners in running our trademark programmes in any part of the world.

General Airline Eligibility Requirement

  • Age 18 and above
  • Minimum height : 157cm for female, 165 cm for male
  • Educated to High School level – (GCE ‘O’ Level / SPM)
  • Pleasant disposition & Great personality
  • English language proficiency
  • Good Eyesight (correctable with contact lenses)
  • Not colour blind
  • In excellent health
  • Proficient in any other language
  • Customer Service Experience an advantage