Training Programmes

All of IEAG’s Aviation courses contain extra modules on customer care & personality development to build a “service oriented” culture among our students.

Throughout the course, our highly qualified and experienced professional trainers also conduct English language wholesale stitched nfl patch Jerseys 101 support, communication skills, grooming & deportment, etiquette, counselling, and mock interview sessions to prepare students for the job challenges ahead.

Flight Attendant Programmes

A comprehensive course pioneered and designed by Inter-Excel to prepare and provide highly-trained candidates for a career in the local and global airline industry. The course is designed to educate and guide young, aspiring high-flyers towards their dream career by molding, training and inculcating professional skills into the students. We also ensure students with a prospective future by arranging for job interviews and wholesale stitched nfl patch Jerseys 101 cheap stitched nfl patch Jerseys pizza career placements.

Flight Attendant Programmes

Inter Excel Tourism Academy

This is an entry-level course pioneered and designed by IEAG to prepare you for a high-flying career in the local and international aviation industry. The course objective is to inculcate professional skills in you and to guide you towards your dream career in the skies. We also facilitate cheap authentic stitched nfl patch Jerseys mike cfl Jerseys you in kick-starting your career by arranging job interviews and career placements for you.

This is a comprehensive course pioneered and designed by former experts from cheap stitched nfl patch Jerseys pizza Malaysian Airlines to prepare its trainees by equipping them with skills and increasing their confidence and understanding cheap authentic cfl Jerseys of any airline selection criterion to ensure a higher success cfl Jersey advertising rate of his/her interviews at any airline organisations for any positions, on top of airline interviews.

Aspiring cabin crews must always remember, GETTING SELECTED by a particular airline is of utmost importance, thus it is important that he/she has been groomed and assessed for selection by an experienced entity with proven track records.

Some signed up for courses which promise a ‘full cabin crew training’ only to realize that they still have to attend and get selected at an interview (which some may not even be successful after wholesale stitched nfl patch Jerseys mike having spent time and money on those courses), after which they will still be required to cfl Jersey customization go through a full training at the airline training academies!

IETA is a registered tourism school with Malaysia’s Ministry of Tourism, offering tourism, hospitality and aviation-related courses. We are also stitched nfl patch Jerseys mike registered with Human Resources Development Fund Malaysia (HRDF) as an A Class training provider. These programmes are claimable under PROLUS (e-learning) cfl Jersey advertising / PERLA / SBL / SBL-KHAS / “Skim Perantisan” from the HRDF/PSMB fund.

Inter Excel Tourism Academy

Airport Ground Handling Services

Our ground operations training wholesale stitched nfl patch Jerseys mike aims to create efficiency on the cfl Jersey customization ground through management and operational courses. Taught by industry experts, our Stitched NFL Patch Jerseys Stitched NFL Patch Jerseys courses focus on best practices within the complex operational environment in modern airports, preparing you to increase on-time performance in your ground station.

Airport Operation & Technical Services Training

Our training includes:
• Airport Fire Rescue Services Training
• Aviation Security Training
• Airport Operation Training
• Airport Technical Services Training

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