Airport Redevelopment & Reconstruction

Airports connect both people & cargo from all around the globe. Therefore it is crucial to engage qualified and knowledgeable consultants who have the requisite experience in dealing with airport operation management that comply with safety standards .

IEAG is offering independent advisory services to the region’s aviation industry players, investors, and airlines while delivering powerful insights, solutions and analysis to make your business smoother.

Airport Consulting

We have experts with decades of involvement in successful airport development projects around the world.

Building a new airport, adding new facilities or attracting new airlines is a highly complicated, lengthy and costly undertaking. Our experts takes a leadership role in assisting airports worldwide to meet airline requirements for safety, efficiency and functionality.

Our total technical & consulting solutions include:

  • Airport Master Plan
  • Airport Design
  • Airport Project Management Consultancy
  • Airport Certification
  • Airport Operations
  • Airport ICT
  • Operational Readiness & Airport Transfer (ORAT)
  • Airport Operations & Management
  • Airport Facilities Maintenance
  • Airport Facilities Maintenance


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