Airline Startup & Takeovers

IEAG plays a major role in rendering consultation services for airline start-up projects.

IEAG carefully studies the minute aspects of the project and guides the investors in making the right move. We can help you analyse the current and future market as well as understand the potential market demand with our independent traffic and fleet forecasts.

Our consultation and advisory services include:

  • Advising new start-ups on the commercial, financial, technical, legal, political and insurance aspects of airline operations, as well as regulatory issues
  • Advising on domestic and international regulatory frameworks.

Through the launch of real and radical business turnaround plans with our ‘rescue mission’ programmes, Inter-Excel is in the perfect position to provide support and HR solutions as part of your startup operations.

Financing Options

We are in the perfect position to connect you to potential investors or airlines should you decide to buy or sell equities or takeover an airline.

In the event that there is a need for capital injection with a sound profit sharing scheme, we have reliable funding providers worldwide. We also have a global networking system should you desire to buy, sell and/or takeover an airline.

Our staff are standing by, ready to answer all your questions!