Over the years, Inter Excel has came up with an career counselling consultancy for students and has successfully counselled many SPM/high school/credit transfer students for various institutions of higher learning, including our sister schools IETA and Premier Language School.  Since 2015, we recruited cadet pilots for various pilot schools such as Asia Pacific Flight Training and HM Aerospace. Currently we have been working with more universities with the study placement activities.


Universities we have been working with:

  • Asia Pacific University
  • Advance Tertiary College 
  • Curtin University
  • MAHSA University 
  • Manipal International University
  • Nilai University 
  • Peninsula college

In Malaysia, the institutions we have previously represented:

  • KDU (now known as UOW Malaysia KDU University College)
  • Sedaya College (now known as UCSI)
  • Asia Pacific Flight Training
  • Lim Kok Wing University
  • HM Aerospace

In addition to that, we are currently representing:

  • SEGI College
  • TMC College (Singapore)                                                                                                                                   Read More                                                                                                  

And a host of reputable institutions.

University Study Placement Activities