History & Milestones


stock-planeIEAG first began building its name as a language and training centre in 1993. It then very quickly developed to be the regional pioneer by seeing through the birth of the first Airline Preparatory Course (FAPC©) in Asia Pacific. The quality and effectiveness of the programme rapidly gained traction and propelled IEAG to become a leading trusted brand in cabin crew training and placements across Asia.

Due to our rapid expansion into the many facets of the airline industry, we have decided to consolidate all of our services under one umbrella – IEAG. We are presently in the process of franchising our training programmes globally. We have also diversified ourselves into providing airport consultancy and technical training. This is a major milestone in our history as we are the first Malaysian company to accomplish these feats.

Today, IEAG is not only recognised as an established International Aviation Manpower Support Provider, but it is also now a specialised Consultancy & Services Provider to major airlines and airports around the world.
Our accreditation and partners can be viewed here.

As we dream bigger dreams today, we strive to make these dreams come true by continuing to expand to other parts of the world. We aim to be the world’s largest aviation-related solution provider and assistance.