Clients seek out Inter-Excel Advisory because they value truly independent, objective advice. We serve business aviation consultancy in aviation training and manpower, charter and other aircraft operators, airport startup solutions, ATO consultancy, airports, government regulators, and policy makers in both mature and emerging markets. Suppliers of airline training equipment.

Customized Cabin Crew Training Equipment

Via our partnerships with certified cabin crew training equipment manufacturers we are able to provide customize build cabin simulators. Our services include design, configurations and production of cutting-edge cabin training devices, including the provision of extended after-sales support.

We can support our clients with consultation regarding trainer solutions to ensure smooth operations of its systems throughout its life-cycle.


Aviation & Aerospace Investors

Our aviation domain expertise, financial analysis and valuation acumen, and experience across all major market segments make Inter-Excel Advisory uniquely qualified to support equity and potential investors.

Given the gravity and confidential nature of our clients’ investment decisions, our objectivity is paramount. It is therefore critical to our business model structure that InterExcel’s singular mission is serving the best interests of our valued clients. Therefore, aiming to earn considerable repeat business from a loyal client base.

We provide a range of key commercial due diligence services:


Independent assessments of the specific market structure, size, and drivers, as well as competitive landscape, market share, competition basis, and barriers to entry.
Assessing the achievability of business plans.
Uncovering risks and their litigants.
Identification of additional value creation levers
Assessing enterprise and asset values
Collaborating post-closing with new owners and management to design 100- and 1,000-day strategic plans.
Because of our reputation for objectivity, sellers can look forward to our services to quantify market opportunities, benchmark historical performance, assess competitive positioning, project revenues and costs, and more.
Lenders, financiers, and rating agencies work with our team members with certified appraiser accreditation. We offer independent and objective opinions about the value of assets that form the collateral for certain loans, as well as cash flows an enterprise may experience. Inter-Excel Advisory also provides material support (personnel) for restructuring, aviation asset repossession and remarketing.